Father Time

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Father Time Cover Image

In 1975 I was part of a great band “Lookout Farm” with Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, Jeff Williams and Badal Roy. The band had recorded for ECM and we were touring Europe when I met Matthias Winckelmann the owner of Enja records. Matthias asked me to record for his label and this was a dream come true for me. I had often thought about what I would present if given the opportunity to lead a record date and present my own music and concepts.

On July 1st, 1975 we recorded Father Time at Trixi Studios in Munich, Germany. Each cut highlights the bass in various duos’ and trios except for two cuts with the whole group playing together.

In 2006 Matthias remastered Father Time from analog tape to 24-bit and re-released the recording featuring his son David’s beautiful art work. The album is dedicated to my father who was a master mandolin player and my first teacher. I hope you enjoy listening to this musical journey.

- Frank Tusa